About Us

Welcome to Kingrain (Xiamen)Umbrella Co.,Ltd

King Rain Umbrella Limited is established in 1998 which is a professional umbrella manufacturer and exporter specialized in providing comprehensive service including new product design, production, quality checking, export delivery, etc. Customers around the world are fully satisfied with our competitive price, high-quality products and on time delivery performance. Production Plant Location and Information: We locate in Xiamen City Fujian Province, our factory covers an area of 10000 square meter. We also have 100 square meter showroom in the factory and a branch office in Xiamen city center. Product Range High quality foldable umbrella (2 fold/ 3 fold) , Advertising umbrella, gift umbrella, stick umbrella, kid umbrella, golf umbrella and and beach umbrella.

Our Company

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Our Factory

Kingrain umbrella offers custom services for OEM order that are manufactured according to customer requirements from the handle, fabric to frame. Superain is able to design, test and meet clients’ specifications and personalized requests.